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Tag: Joint Pain

The Causes of Joint Pain and the Many Treatments

Causes of Joint Pain

Joints are vital to keeping us move freely and do our routines. They connect two bones, provide support to us, and facilitate ambulation. When joints create problems regarding pain or hamper our movements, the right way is to go for remedial measures.

Joint pain can be caused by several types of diseases, injuries or other conditions. No matter the cause, joint pain can cause you a lot of pain, and even take away your independence. The pain can cause you to limit your mobility. If you lose your mobility, this is what will take away your independence.

Treating pain is an easy task, but the cause must be treated as well. If you had an injury, that is usually an obvious cause for the joint pain. If there has been no injury, it is not so easy to diagnose. If there is fever associated with the joint pain, this could be showing serious illness.

Get Rid of the Joint Pain

Most treatments will include something to reduce your pain. Antibiotic therapy will be included if you have an infection, physical therapy may also be a part of your treatment plan, as well as exercise to keep your joints limber. Other medications might be used as well depending on the bring of your pain.

Arthritis is also a major cause of joint pain, especially in people older than 45. Arthritis can be caused by several things including overuse of the joint, sports injuries, and deterioration of the joints due to aging. There are treatments that can help or turn around the damage and pain that have been caused.

Arthritis ImageYour doctor will prescribe your treatment plan. Some things you can expect might include physical therapy, pain medication, surgery, or even total loss of use in that joint (this is rare).

If an infection is present, then you will probably be put on antibiotics, and other medications to treat this. You will also be given pain medications to help you with the pain until the infection subsides. If it is because of a disease, the disease will be treated with medications, and you will be given something to help with the pain as well.

If you have an injury, that will be treated, and physical therapy will also possibly be ordered to help you to gain back your range of motion.

Surgery is often done if the injury or disease is irreversible and this is the only way to keep you independent. You will require physical therapy and pain medications to get you through this treatment as well. Treatments are all geared to keeping you, Independent.